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Bioshock by BenBrotherton Bioshock by BenBrotherton
Bioshock wallpaper what was inspired by another DA user, im sorry but i cant remember there name. (If you recognise this piece being slightly similar to yours please comment and say ill give you credit for some of the ideas!)

I made this in about an hour at .. 1:00 am like half my pieces i do them in the early hours of the morning. I'm a huge fan of Bioshock, having the game on Xbox 360 and PC. Everything about the game i love, mainly the atmosphere and attention to detail 2K games have put into it to make the game so amazing.

I hope you guys like this background, i'm not entirely happy with this as the lighting isnt correct and some of the colour tones.

I wanted to have some of Rapture (underwater city) behind everything faintly but this just didn't work out, so i'm still trying to make this work!
OtterThanMost Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just recently started playing the first game, and it's fantastic. Rapture in itself is beautiful- it's a dream world and nightmare combined into one. The beautiful scenery, the exquisite detail, the 1960's feel that everyone seems to enjoy- all of it corrupted by stained of blood, man gone mad, and the fear of what's around the corner. You capture that very well here. Rapture is a place that I would never get tired of, if it were a real city and still in its prime. I love your detail and coloring, and I very much like the lighting. I like the way you textured the machine, and everything is perfect. The background is fine, do not worry over it. Very well done! Keep up the good work. (It surprises me that you do not have more comments or favorites on the piece, or more watchers than what you already have. You're brilliant.)


Come check out my page, I need more watchers ASAP!
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Thank you !
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